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Molly's imagination and talent are unmatched. The piece she did for me is truly extraordinary - it exceeded all expectations. The only instruction I gave was "I would like a representation of a man. I want to sit and have coffee with my mate. Just make it look good"    

R.D. Hearney, General USMC (ret)

Several years ago I was introduced to Molly Omann. I learned that she is an extremely talented artist, and wood sculptor. I had seen some of her sculptures and was immensely impressed. I was curious if she would be able to create a life-like fox wood sculpture? I  commissioned her and requested she move forward with the project.

The finished sculpture is magnificent. The detail, the scale, the pose/position of the fox sculpture is amazing. 

Anyone interested in this type of artwork would be wise to contact Molly. Her sculptures are truly unique and beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art. 

Ken Fox


Fox edit.jpg



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